Efficient air heating for high spaces


The apparatus and wash bays of the new fire station in Seinäjoki are heated by NOZ circulating air units. These are directional air heaters that can be used to effectively balance temperatures in high rooms.

Seinäjoen paloasema

The fire station’s apparatus bays are 7-8 metre high spaces, the large entrance doors of which are opened several times a day when the firefighting vehicles are driven out and back from the bay. At the same time, cool air gets inside, which is why the temperature at floor level drops quickly. 

Miikka Holappa from Sitowise, who was responsible for the HVAC design of the Seinäjoki fire station, knows the challenges of temperature equalisation in high spaces. Indoor air is difficult to control as warm air naturally rises and cool air stays in the living area. Holappa already had good experiences with Stravent’s NOZ convection units, which were also selected as a solution for this project. 

NOZ recirculating units start automatically when the temperature in the bay falls below the set value. The units blow warm air downwards from the pressure-side nozzles and distribute it uniformly around the space. In the wash bay, the warm air also effectively dries the equipment and floor surfaces. 

- With recirculating air units, warm air can be directed downwards into the occupied area, and in this way the temperature in the apparatus bay can be balanced quickly. NOZ is a high-quality unit that distributes warm air to the space efficiently and quickly. A big advantage is also that the sound level in the unit is low, which means that the unit does not interfere with working in the premises, Holappa says. 

NOZ operates discreetly in the background 

A new Seinäjoki fire station was commissioned last autumn. According to fire manager Hannu Puranen, the experiences are good after the first winter.There have been no complaints at all. 

Puranen says that the heating has functioned exemplary in both bays. The recirculating air units have maintained heat even during the strongest frost periods. The indoor air has remained pleasant despite the fact that vehicles are used in the bays and exhaust emissions are generated. The machines have not resulted in noise disturbance and have not required special attention from the user. 

There is no separate system for exhaust gas extraction in the bays of the fire station, but NOZ circulating air units are also involved in the ventilation of the bays. 

- The exhaust discharge is arranged so that ventilation is enhanced when the bay doors are opened. This has worked very well, and the exhaust has caused no harm, Puranen says. 


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