“With Stravent Oy’s dimensioning program, we get a good input for planning”


According to Jussi Ainamo, Design Director, the long-term cooperation between Sweco Talotekniikka Oy and Stravent Oy is based on a good product, the correctness of dimensions and professionalism. 


Jussi Ainamo, the design director of Sweco Talotekniikka Oy, who has worked in the field of building construction for 38 years, considers the construction project of Hotel Kämp in Helsinki to be one of the finest. Kämp, which has long served as an office building, opened its doors 20 years ago as a top-class hotel after a major renovation.

- This hotel represents Finnish excellence in all respects, says Ainamo proudly.

The demand for excellence has also placed strict demands on the door curtain units, for which Biddle equipment supplied by Stravent were selected. One door curtain unit is placed at the restaurant entrance and the other at the main entrance.

- Hotel Kämp is the most demanding destination for door curtains. One of them is installed directly in the restaurant space with glass walls and no entrance tambour at all. In a restaurant room, the door curtain must be as silent as possible, because you need to be able to talk and enjoy yourself there without the hum of the door curtain. To date the device has been in place for five years and there has been no negative feedback from the end user, Ainamo says.

“Builders already know how to demand Biddle’s equipment”

According to Ainamo, the equipment supplied by Stravent works exactly as it should. Equipment automation also improves energy efficiency.

- They recirculate the air and prevent cold air from entering. With the automation of Stravent units, the fan speed is adjusted automatically, which saves energy and minimises noise disturbance, Ainamo explains.

The cooperation between Sweco Talotekniikka and Stravent is by no means limited to the Kämp project.

- Enlightened property owners and developers today know Biddle’s equipment and know how to demand it. Our latest very large cooperation project was the Lidl logistics centre in Järvenpää, where dozens of Stravent door curtains were installed, Ainamo says.

Stravent is a professional cooperation partner

Stravent also provides effective design support through dimensioning software.

- Stravent’s operation is particularly good with a dimensioning program that enables the simulation of doorway dimensions and installation locations. Simulation gives us a good starting point for design. Simulation also takes into account Finland’s climate, temperature and wind problems, Ainamo emphasises.

According to Ainamo, it is easy to work with Stravent.

- It is easier when the cooperation has been long-term. Our cooperation has progressed seamlessly and it is a pleasure to work with them.They are a professional partner and the product is good, Ainamo says, summing up.

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