Newsletter 2.3.2009


Stravent OY to deliver more air curtain systems to Forum.

Stravent OY delivers more air curtain systems to the Forum shopping centre at Simonkatu,Helsinki. The system minimizes draft problems and saves energy. The delivery includes 12 air curtains (width 10.5 m, two-row air curtains). The value of the contract exceeds the amount of 100 000 €. The delivery will take place in spring 2009.

Stravent has delivered the air curtain systems already in use at Forum. Positive operational experience made the decision easy. The acquisition procedure focused on energy savings.

The Stravent air curtain effectively reduces the amount of heated air escaping from the building. The constantly downwards flowing air mass will – up to the extent of 90% – be integrated in the natural air circulation of the room, creating an agreeable draft-free zone close to the entrance.

The Stravent air curtain system includes a patented rectifier that eliminates the turbulence caused by the fan. The dense air stream from the device is directed downwards, and due to the optimized directing of the jets, a minimal amount of air is needed to cover the entrance down to the floor level: this provides good cover for the entrance.

The use of traditional air curtains require a high level air supply that makes the air curtain spread out increasing the energy consumption. Stravent does not have these drawbacks.

The Stravent air curtain device also works with a standard fan speed. The system include a smart valve construction enabling the air jet to be adjusted. Due to this solution even an increased effect does not change the air velocity. Even an increased effect does not change the air velocity. As the valve As the valve opens up, the outlet enlarges, and the broadening air stream provides more heating without increased air velocity, thus remaining almost imperceptible.

The patented technique creates an effective, draft-free and silent air curtain using a considerably reduced amount of air compared to any traditional air curtain. The heated out-door air is always directed agreeably at the occupied zone. Thanks to the effective laminar flow the building will benefit from up to 90% of the heating energy, the operation costs will be reduced, and the satisfaction of the workers and the customers ensured.

Stravent air curtains are in use at Stockmann, Itäkeskus, Sello, Ideapark, as well as in the Kannelmäki, Kuopio, Kerava and Rauma Prisma shopping centres etc. The repayment period of the investment will be short thanks to the use of Stravent air curtains. We will be happy to give you additional information and assistance for your on-going projects!

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The site on the edge of the old church park will become Helsinki’s largest congress hotel. The office building will be renovated into a 350-room hotel and is scheduled for completion in summer 2022. 


According to Jussi Ainamo, Design Director, the long-term cooperation between Sweco Talotekniikka Oy and Stravent Oy is based on a good product, the correctness of dimensions and professionalism. 


The second phase of the West Metro is under construction from Matinkylä in Espoo to Kivenlahti. In all, a seven kilometre long line and five new stations are under construction: Finnoo, Kaitaa, Soukka, Espoonlahti and Kivenlahti.


Optimal air curtains on cold storage doors ensure logistics security and increase productivity due to the absence of physical barriers (doors). 

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