Stravent delivers air curtains for the ABB Azipod Factory


Stravent Oy has signed a contract with Koja Tekniikka Oy for the delivery of air curtain systems for the entrances of the ABB Azibod Factory. The system increases job satisfaction and saves energy.

The first delivery comprises 14 air curtains with S11 cylinders for stratifying ventilation for heating the air in warehouses and production facilities. The delivery the value of which exceeds 160.000 € will take place during Spring 2007.

The entrance doors of the industrial hall are 10,5 m wide and 17 m high and the energy loss by thermal outflow calculated was about 2200 kW for each door to the effect of which the air curtains were adapted. The entrances will be equipped with Stravent Biddle Induforce air curtains to be installed on both sides of the doors. The system enables an additional enlargement at a later stage.

The use of Stravent S11 air diffusers in air heating is economical and energy-saving. In buildings where air diffusers are positioned at high heights it is possible to achieve a 5 centigrade temperature difference between ceiling and floor level. This makes it possible to reduce the supply air temperature, which enables a 50 % reduction in energy consumption.

The Stravent air curtain efficiently reduces loss of heated air resulting from thermal outflow from the building. Up to 80% of the constant downward-flowing air mass is integrated into the natural air circulation of the room, creating an agreeable, yet draft-free, zone close to the entrance.

The Stravent air curtain uses a patented rectifier to eliminate the turbulence usually caused by fans. A dense air stream is directed downwards and, due to optimised jet direction, only a minimal amount of air is needed to reach floor level and still provide good cover for the entrance.

The Stravent system provides perfect air curtains for entrances old or new. And using Stravent air curtains will soon amortise the investment.

Stravent Oy

Timo Karkulahti
Managing Director


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