The smoke shows how stratifying ventilation works

Video 221

Stratifying ventilation directs the air flow along the wall towards the occupied zone. As the air reaches the floor level it turns towards the heating sources and starts moving in their direction joining the heated vertical air streams!

Video 223

The vacuum created by the heating sources is filled by fresh air directing the air flow towards the occupied zone using the vertical air streams. This is how stratifying ventilation works with a 30 % lower air flow compared to mixing ventilation.

Video 227

The air flow section provided by stratifying ventilation ensures that the air is directed towards the occupants in order to create the expected thermal sensation. Fresh air for breathing is constantly brought to the occupants and the contaminated heated air is simultaneously evacuated at the ceiling level of the room. The room air is divided into two layers: cool air in the occupied zone and contaminated air in the upper part of the room.

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