High Quality Convectors for the Tornimäe Hotel


Stravent Oy delivers fan coils for the hotel rooms of Tornimäe hotel in Tallinn.

The technical solution provided by Stravent was the most time-advantageous and easiest to install in ceilings above narrow entrances to hotel rooms. In this international hotel Stravent fan coils were also chosen for their silent running and efficient cooling techniques.

The Stravent fan coils do not require a silencer like the copied products. Even without a silencer Stravent was approximately 3 dBA more silent than the others. The difference became even more evident when the inlet suction filter was covered. This is how the competing copied product lost most of its air mass – and was forced to increase speed!

Stravent Visper offers a five-year fabrication warranty and is manufactured in conformity with ISO 9001 and 14001 standards. The construction of Visper allows for easy maintenance and its air-tight seal stops particles above the inner ceiling mixing with ambient residential air.

The delivery includes 250 fan-coils and the value of the investment exceeds the amount of 150 000 euros. The deliveries will take place mainly in 2006 and the project will be finalized in spring 2007.

Former hotel objects in Tallinn are the Tallink Spa, Telegraaf and Sas Radisson Tallinn that was the first five star business hotel in the Baltic countries, as was Also the Kämp Hotel in Helsinki. Kämp was equipped with Stravent fan-coils as early as in autumn 1998. Approximately 50 000 Stravent fan-coils have been delivered to the Nordic countries within a time-span of 19 years.

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Stravent toimittaa Helsingin Aleksanterinkatu 40:ssä sijaitsevaan saneerattavaan hotellikiinteistöön 142 kpl Vasatherm Visper -puhallinkonvektoreita. Toimitukset alkavat kesällä 2023.

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