Stravent strengthens its position in the domestic air supply systems market through its own manufacturing


Stravent Oy buys the Softflo businesses from Fresh Ab

Subject to our agreement with Fresh AB, the manufacturing rights to Softflo products will be transferred to Stravent Oy from 1st September 2006. Up till now, Stravent Oy has been the biggest distributor of Softflo air supply diffusers. The contract will include manufacturing rights, products, patents, tenders and the brand.

Next autumn, we start deliveries of Softflo stratifying-ventilation products. A more efficient ventilation due to the products themselves, it also provides better air quality, savings in energy costs as well as a reduction in tiredness and sick leave. According to the latest research, it has even reduced allergy symptoms.

Stravent is the Finnish market leader in stratifying-ventilation technology. As a result of the transaction, the company also acquires a larger market share for air outlet devices in Europe, corresponding to our strategy of developing the fast-growing export business, currently including England, Switzerland, Denmark and Estonia. As part of the acquisition process, we will set up a company in Sweden to market Softflo products. Fredrik Netz from Sweden was appointed export manager from 1st July 2006.

The acquisition will let us concentrate on development and streamlining production even more efficiently than before. Placing the entire manufacturing process under our own management will result in improved capacity and flexibility as well as continuous, more stringent quality control. Both our clients and our clients’ clients will benefit from the added-value to our new tailor-made solutions.

Another important aspect of the acquisition is that it enables us to concentrate more than before on Finnish know-how, technology and production at a time when the trend is to expatriate ever-increasing amounts of manufacturing.

Bengt Sellö of Stravent Oy, is in charge of coordinating on-going product development with international researchers. We participate in Swedish research projects focusing on energy-saving in warehouses and industrial buildings using stratifying ventilation. The joint venture includes Husqvarna and Söderhamn Eriksson Koncern AB, with research also carried out in Denmark and England under the coordinating supervision of Prof. Bahram Moshfegh of the University of Gävle.

A presentation of our products is available in the Magic CAD and CADS design software programmes. The devices are updated for direct measurement by the programmes.

Best Regards,

Timo Karkulahti
Managing Director
Stravent Oy


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