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Newsletter 16.01.2018

Stravent Oy will be delivering air curtains to T2

Illustration drawing

The Helsinki-Vantaa airport is currently undergoing the largest extension project in its history. All in all, the terminal will be expanded by 103 000 m2, and the total area of the terminal will be more than 250 000 m2 by the early 2020s. The extension project of the entire long-distance flights area was designed by the architectural firm PES-Arkkitehdit. The main building contractor of the terminal is Lemminkäinen, with Destia in charge of the construction of the ramp. The HVAC work is done by Granlund, and Consti is the piping contractor.

The large central area or Plaza, to be situated between the south and west wing, will become the heart of the entire extension. It is expected to be an architecturally impressive space. Its rugged wall and ceiling structures, cladded with Finnish timber, will be a spectacular background for various events and phenomena.

Among other things, the Plaza will be surrounded by the security control area for transit passengers, numerous shops and restaurants, as well as experiential services. The Plaza will have an additional 25 000 m2 for passengers and luggage, and it will mainly be used by millions of transit passengers and people travelling to non-Schengen countries. The Plaza will be opened in early 2019.

Stravent Oy will be delivering 20 Biddle IndAC2 industrial air curtains for the luggage centre, and 3 energy-saving Biddle SensAir (free-hanging) air curtains for wind boxes of the passenger entrance hall. The installations will be complete in early summer 2018.

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Stravent Oy will be delivering air curtains to T2


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