Air curtain CITY -Energy Savings for the High Street

oviverho City

The Invisidor CITY range of air curtains has been developed to bring performance benefits and energy and cost savings at a lower installed cost than ever before, being ideally suited to high street stores and other relatively small buildings.

Using Biddle’s patented rectifier the conditioned air is supplied at low speed with minimum turbulence, ensuring the air stream reaches the floor and doesn’t escape to the outside. Comfort within the entrance area is therefore enhanced without any energy wastage.

Control of the Invisidor CITY air curtain is via the touchpad with three buttons for manual adjustment of fan speed and on/off. Electrically heated units have two additional buttons for 1st and 2nd stage heating control. Timer clocks, door contact switches or room thermostats can also be linked to the unit for added flexibility.

Designed with rounded profiles and an eye-catching perforated grille, Invisidor CITY air curtains are modular in nature enabling any door width to be covered. And buildings with low water temperatures, from a condensing boiler, can still benefit by using a specially developed CB version of the Invisidor CITY air curtain.


Mounting Heights up to 3.7m
Unit Widths 1.0m, 1.5m, 2.0m & 2.5m
Heating Medium Water and electric
Styles Free-hanging, ceiling recessed, bulkhead recessed, cassette


  • Comfort and energy savings
  • Low cost installation
  • Simple control
  • Used by many high street stores


Commercial, Retail, Schools & Public Sector eg. High street shops, banks, offices etc.

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