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Climate Device for Hotel rooms. Read more here!


Ventilation 2009, the 9th International Conference on Industrial Ventilation Clean Industrial Air Technology Systems for Improved Products and Healthy Environments October 18-21, 2009, ETH Zurich, Switzerland


Stravent Oy to deliver Ventilation System to Deutsche Bank.


Stravent OY to deliver more air curtain systems to Forum.


Stravent to deliver air curtains for the new head-office of the Tapiola Concern.


Stravent Oy has signed a contract with Koja Tekniikka Oy for the delivery of air curtain systems for the entrances of the ABB Azibod Factory. The system increases job satisfaction and saves energy.


Stravent Oy ”Wall Confluent Jets” stratifying ventilation has been awarded the prize for the best idea in the contest Productive Idea 2006. The contest was organized for business companies in Southern Finland and the prize ceremony took place on November 2nd 2006 at the Junior Chamber of Commerce in Helsinki.

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Stravent Oy delivers fan coils for the hotel rooms of Tornimäe hotel in Tallinn.


Stravent Oy has acquired the right for the tratifying ventilation technique from Fresh AB the 1st of September 2006.

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Stravent delivers air curtains for Stockmann’s department store in Moscow


Stravent delivers air curtains for the main entrances of Ideapark in Lempäälä


Stravent Oy signs contract to deliver fan coils for Tallink SPA hotel rooms in Tallinn.

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